Friday, February 12, 2010

Round the world tonight, a symphony in spectromagic!

I've had a ridiculous couple of days of training concerning the bus system so I'm driving to work today. My shift is 5:30pm to 12:45am, which really isn't bad considering it's President's Day & Valentine's Day weekend.. it was nice to get to sleep in instead of waking up before the crack of freaking dawn every day. I'm not really a morning person haha. Oh, and I finally earned my ears, so today is my first day of work without a trainer.. kind of nervous about that, but it's freezing and raining today so hopefully it shouldn't be TOO overwhelming. I'll let you guys know :)

Katie and I went to MK on Monday, which was nice/weird. Nice because I hadn't seen her face in a while, but weird because usually our conversations go as follows:

"Wanna hang out?"
"My house or the mall?"

and now it's more like:

"Wanna hang out?"
"Disney World?"

Just surreal is all, haha.

Anyway I have to get ready for work.. woot. Hopefully my posts won't be this bad in the future haha. Have a magical day! ;)

Katie and I at Magic Kingdom :) (And me being a bad CP by wearing my Cast Member ID. Oops.)


  1. oh. birds. right. they belong there.

  2. Christine! You have disappeared!!!

  3. Uhhh why is your blog tre AWESOME?
    I'm dont the fall program and everything on here is so insightful and not to mention extremely exciting
    I hope your having a great time
    ....even though we know for a fact that you are!