Monday, November 30, 2009

The results are in..

I am not going to be a character performer at WDW. Called it! :) It's all good with me because I am pretty dang excited for merchandise! I'm tempted to request where I want to be put but at the same time I kind of want God to direct this one. Not like He wouldn't, but you know what I mean. If I chose and got my choice, I'd always wonder where I'd be placed otherwise because I'm lame like that.

ANYWAY! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving & Thanksgiving break! Hopefully your finals aren't sneaking up on you like mine are.. boo last minute papers and projects. Fingers crossed we all make it through this semester with good grades :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

There's a possibility.

I wish I could say something new has happened, but nothing has. Well, that's kind of a lie: I think I found a roommate who seems pretty normal, so that's good. I think.

But I don't know, I still have my doubts about everything. I feel like this is what pre-wedding jitters feel like hahah. I don't know; I'm doing this no matter what, but fears and doubts pop in my head at random and kind of bring me down. I'll get over it eventually, but for now I'm kind of freaking out, now that I realize what I'm leaving behind. But I have to stop looking back and keep moving forward! It just helps when you know where exactly "forward" leads haha.

And Disney, e-mail me telling me I epically failed at your audition. Because it's annoying how I keep checking my e-mail every two seconds and it's not you. Fix that?
Love always, Christine.

Hope all is well with you guys :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

First Vlog :)

I love the face that I'm making in the picture before you press play. Thanks Youtube, I love you too.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

BlahBlah & 10 Random Things

Nothing new to say, really, except that today I'll be paying my recruiting fee and that I'm still practicing my French. I wish more people did language tags because there's not any information I can find on what the phone 'test' is really even about. I'll post about it when I actually do it, I guess :) Well, as much as I think I'm allowed to post.

Also I forgot to mention that the same day I got accepted was the same day I auditioned for a character role. (I checked my e-mail AFTER the audition just in case it was bad news haha.) I'm not very optimistic about the results or anything but at the same time I don't really care either way at this point because I am dang excited for merchandise.

Also I guess while I have all this free time (I use that term loosely.. I have a lot of school stuff to be doing haha) I'll let you know 10 facts about me :)

1. Meeko shunned me (accidentally) at Disneyland once and it made me cry at the time, so it's my mission to someday get him to sign something and take a picture with me. Meeko, I still love you boo!

2. I have a ridiculously unhealthy obsession with iCarly. Yes, a Nickelodeon show on a Disney blog.. boo me. I'm well aware of how bad the show actually is, but I still love it.. it makes me smile :)

3. I love love LOVE reading. Childrens' lit and classic lit are my favorites, though really I read just about everything.

4. I can play trumpet.. 'fluently' haha. I'm listening to "Full Moon Crazy" (Honor Society) and just hearing the really high trumpet notes hurts my lips. Bah.

5. Lately I've noticed that I tend to call pretty, sunny, comfortably warm days that make me crave Mexican food, "Jason Castro days." There's really no reason for this that I can think of other than that he sings happy songs. Or that his songs make me happy. Either/or.

6. All of my family that is in my generation is partially Puerto Rican. I'm the only fully white one. It makes me sad sometimes haha.

7. I have a cat named George.. he's my baby, and he's the most chill cat you will ever meet. Or not meet. Either way, he's the most chill cat ever.

8. Half the time you think I'm being serious, I'm kidding. Half the time you think I'm kidding, I'm being serious.

9. I've never been to Epcot! Gassssp.

10. I'm not cool enough for 10 facts.. truth.

'Til later! AKA 'Til I actually have something relevant to post :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ou sont les toilettes?

I'm going to try for a French language tag though I probably won't get it.. I can comprehend written French very well but as far as speaking goes I'm not so hot. I know the words and everything, I just don't know how to put them into a coherent, grammatically correct sentence. And listening.. oh boy, that's a whole other story haha. People just talk so fast! But I mean the worst they can say is no so we'll see what happens. Definitely going to rehearse/study a lot before I try to get it, though. It'll be fun, though, and if nothing else.. it'll help me pass French haha.

Like I said, I probably won't get it, but really I'd just want it so I could practice my French with people who are fluent in it. If not.. ce n'est pas trop terrible :)

Well they say the sky's the limit, and to me that's really true..

Hm. It's kind of irritating me how the banner doesn't quite fit in the frame (and now it's irritating you, too, right?) I'll have to fix that later. (*fixed :) )

Anyhoo.. I got accepted into the Disney College Program! Woot! Thanks to my friend Katie (whose blog you can find HERE) I found out about the CP before it was too late. I was really nervous because I didn't think I did super fantastically well on my phone interview but I finally got the e-mail telling me I've been accepted into Merchandise! YAY.

Katie is doing Spring, though, so we won't be together for most of the time (unless we get lucky and somehow work together) and she goes down in January. I don't go 'til February 1st so I still have some time to kill. In the meantime I have a huge to-do list. Bleh.

But anyway! Really excited.. hopefully everything will go as planned :)