Monday, February 1, 2010


Warning: I'm REALLY tired so my English is horrendous. I say "after that" and "next" to the point that it's almost unbearable, so I apologize! I'm just exhaused.

Sooooo I finally checked in today! I left Port Orange at about 5:30am in case of traffic, and I got there at about 7am. I just mainly talked to one guy in line (Maaattyy!) until my roommate Ren met up with me. We went through a line where they gave us a little nametag - this line led to a tented type area where there was a DJ who played Disney music and asked Disney trivia (I got one right and got a little post-it notepad that said "Disney College Program" on it as well as a Disney World pen.) After that they led us to fill out some papers (I honestly don't remember what exactly we were filling out right here, you fill out SO MANY papers on check-in day you won't remember what's what.) Anyway, after we filled out just a few sheets, we were led out of the tented area and into a small building where you finally get to request what apartment/amount of rooms you want - this is also where it matters who you're standing next to, as they'll likely be your future roommate. Today they were only taking Chatham and Vista so we picked Chatham, but it was between a one bedroom and a four bedroom.. so we got the latter. It sounded crazy but honestly all the girls are AWESOME, so we really lucked out.

Anyway, directly after housing assignments, we took a photo ID that will be used every time we enter Chatham or the bus system, etc.. directly after THAT, if you drove your car and have your insurance (with YOUR name on it), registration, and driver's license, then you go and get your parking decal. After this you get a little break to find your apartment, pick out a room, and maybe move in a few things (we had about an hour).

After all that you'll meet up for the bus to Casting, where you'll finally find out EXACTLY where you'll be working (I, no kidding, got Strollers at Magic Kingdom. Awesome.) After finding that out, you'll go to a little table with five or so other people and will be informed of the Disney Look - you'll also be checked to make sure you fit the Look before Traditions, so if you're a little iffy on something that might not fit the look, they'll tell you here. After that, if you didn't fill out your on-boarding paperwork (I didn't) then you'll fill it out in the next room - not really a hassle, just kind of annoying because it's a LOT of signing and reading and just takes a little while. When you finally make sure you filled out all your on-boarding paperwork correctly, you'll move forward and get your Visa, which your paycheck will automatically go onto. Here you can also ask any questions about how to receive payments (direct deposit, etc). Next you'll be directed to the next room where there will be a whole cast of, well, cast members who you'll talk to if you want to take a Disney course - if not, keep moving. At this point it gets a little foggy, to be honest, because so much happened, but basically you'll get a background check and find out when Traditions is for you and all the information you need to know. TRUST me, you will NOT be lost - they tell you absolutely everything, and if they don't, they're more than willing to answer ANY of your questions.

After I checked in and everything I went to lunch at Panera with Katie, which was a nice break from everything. After the two hour housing meeting, my seven other awesome roommates and I went to the House of Blues for dinner.

I'm still not done unpacking.. but luckily I have tomorrow off to finish. Yay. I'll talk to y'all later.


  1. Sounds like it went great Christine! :D
    I hope traditions and all the other stuff goes well too! Take care!

  2. Thanks Lyanne!! :D You take care as well!