Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm in Port Orange for now :)

Hiii friends! So I left yesterday morning. I bawled to my mom the night before that I would miss her too much, and that I really did NOT want to do the CP anymore. Of course, I'd do it whether I wanted to or not because at this point it's just something that I have to do, but at that point in time it was one of the last things I wanted. Anyway, after she left the next morning, I surprisingly didn't cry (I did that night, though). I did bawl before I left, though.. I kissed my cats good by so many times I'm pretty sure I stocked them up for the whole six months.

But I left my little town near Atlanta at about 8am and got to Orlando at about 4.30pm - it was a freaking long time to drive by myself, to just be stuck inside my own crazy head for 8 hours with unchanging scenery. Anyway, once I got to Orlando I went to PF Chang's with Katie and we walked around the mall, which was awesome because: a) the mall is totally beast and puts all other malls to shame; b) I love lettuce wraps and hot & sour soup; and c) I missed Katie (I saved the best for last <3 bahahah.) Anyway, from there I went to the Daytona area to where my aunt and uncle live. Today we just hung out and watched Inside Man (which is a really good movie.. and I somehow had already seen it, though I don't know where that happened) and I met my aunt's parents and we all had dinner, and it was nice and relaxing. Tomorrow my aunt's dad is going to take me for a "tour" of Daytona, haha. It will be fun :)

Anyway, I hope all of you are doing well!! And to those of you hoping for Fall '10, good luck!! You can do it! :)

Pretty much my whole drive was this. Yeah, it was pretty awesome. Or not. At least it was sunny!


  1. I love that you were playing Replay on replay. Is that for real? Haha.

  2. Bwahahah it's totally for real. I am addicted to that song for some reason.. Every time the song was close to ending I would tell myself it was the last time I'd listen to it, but I'd be distracted by something else and then it would start over and I couldn't stop hahah.