Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I had a dream Rupert Grint and I were friends. Can that be real life?

So it appears that I'm leaving on Thursday. AKA the day after tomorrow. WEIRD. Where did the time go?? Basically it's raining on Friday and my mom doesn't want me to drive down there in the rain, nor does she want me driving on a Saturday, so I'm going down Thursday; I'll be driving straight down to Orlando to have lunch with Katie at PF Changs (which will be awesome as I miss Katie loads AND I've been wanting Chinese..) and afterwards I'll drive from Orlando to the Daytona area for the rest of the weekend, where I have awesome family that I haven't seen in.. well, possibly EVER, so that will be cool.

The sad thing is that I'm REALLY going to miss my mom. A LOT. I didn't realize I'd be leaving so soon! I mean yes, you know in your head you're leaving but when the time actually comes, you're not ready. Though to be honest I don't think I'd ever really be ready so I guess it doesn't matter, but still. Oh well, I'm coming back, it's not like I'll be gone forever, so it's all okay! I just have to look at it like an adventure :) I'm determined to do an amazing job at whatever I get (even if it's strollers, which is probably will be haha) and I WILL remain positive no matter WHAT. That is my challenge to myself, and I refuse to lose to myself, because that would just be sad. (.. "I had to do it. I dared myself.")

So tonight was my last trip to the mall :( Kinda sad haha. It's totally lame but I practically live at the mall (Katie and I used to go there almost every day and just hang out) so it's almost like my second home hahah. Gosh I'm a loser.. but yeah. Anyway, I had to go to the mall because I had a reservation at the Genius Bar in the Apple store. I don't know if I ever mentioned it here but basically in July or so I had to ..redo my computer (my brain just died) due to internet connection problems - I lost my music, photos, everything. So that was all fine and good because it fixed the problem, until I realized that I didn't have the application disk (iLife) and it's just been kind of a pain in the rump (that was for Katie) without it. I dealt without it because I figured the disk would show up eventually but since I'm leaving for 7 months I decided to see if they could either hook me up with another disk or use their own disk to fix my problem. Turns out they did the latter, which was totally awesome for me because they were saying that I might just have to call Applecare and order it from them (UGH, just a pain.. yes, I complain a lot haha). ANYWAY that was my ordeal. It's been fixed. Thank you, Apple.

So.. yeah. Weird. I guess I'll be updating more but for now I've got nothing to say but that. Oh, and I haven't started packing. Oops. Hahah. My mom's taking off work tomorrow so I'm sure she'll make sure I get it all done. Woot woot. At least Thursday I get to finally find out what's on the mystery CDs, Katie! Hahah.

'Til then! & I hope you guys have been well! :)


  1. How long is your drive to Orlando?

  2. About 7-8 hours; not too bad.. not at all, really.