Sunday, January 24, 2010

8 days - a week (in Beatles' land!) @Katie :)

Hello friends! I hope you've all been well :) We've had some weird weather down here in Georgia; it was spring-like for a few days before it got back to being cold and rainy (aka what I assume London weather to be like.) I hear there's crazy weather all over the place, which is just nuts.

I went for lunch yesterday with my mom at La Madeline, which was nice, as it's one of my favorite places that I never get to go to due to distance (and my mom HATES being on the freeway; it makes her too nervous, which in turn makes ME nervous.. and yeah. But she sucked it up for me this time around :) ). So that was nice.. I also had "spicy" black bean soup (yeah, not spicy.. at all) later on in the day which for some reason was really good; I forgot how much I love it, I guess. And today my mom and I went for breakfast at Einstein's.. mm. I love me some bagels. Legit.

I'm contemplating buying a new camera for this CP, just because my old one has a difficult time taking clear pictures (even in the "nonshaky" mode, or whatever it is.. yeah you guys know what I'm talking about haha.) BUT I don't know, because I don't know if I'll have enough money for it, so I might wait. We'll see, I suppose! I plan on taking pictures of my hometown before I leave because I'm lame, so maybe I'll show you guys that, as well as pictures once I leave. Because I know you all care ;) Bwahaha.

So anyway I have been going CRAZY waiting here; everyone I know who is doing the CP has, for the most part, already gone down, and they post the most fun pictures so it's really hard for me to not get excited.. Only, what? Eight more days? Yeah.. eight more days.. ahh!! EIGHT DAYS!


    (/less than that until I see you if we're still hitting up Chang's)

  2. AHHHHHH! Yeeeeesss!

    (and yeah it'll be fewer, probably. I might leave on Friday. )

    (And the way you say Chang's makes it sound like I have a friend named Chang who I haven't seen in a while. Or maybe I'm just insane. Probably the latter..)