Saturday, January 9, 2010

I wish those days could come back once more.

So apparently I'm not done CP shopping.. STILL. Hah. I have yet to get bed risers, and some other stuff that I can't remember at the moment. Bleh. It's kind of exciting though.

My mom and I walked to the mall yesterday because we're insane (we live across the street from it, so it's not like we walked terribly far or something). It was really nice, it reminded me of when she and I would walk to the grocery store back in Utah when it snowed and we didn't have a car.. and I was like five. And I wore a dress with tights, thinking the tights would keep me warm. Yeah. I was a special child, hahah. Anyway, it was nice.. good bonding time. :) I got a few clothes for the CP, woot. I also got the finalities of my business uniform, HORRAY! Oh, and the 7th Harry Potter because Waldenbooks at the Mall of Georgia is having a store closing and literally everything is 50%-70% off.. and let's get real, Harry Potter is srs bzness.

Anyway, I feel like that entire post was pretty much useless but I'm just making sure I post frequently enough so I get into the habit :) The CP feels SO CLOSE. I'm actually getting really excited - all those fears and doubts I had at the end of December seem to be slowly melting away, which is awesome. I also worked it out so I can stay with some family I have down there a day or two before check-in, so it will be cool to hang out with them.

I hope those of you in Orlando already are enjoying yourselves, and I can't wait to meet you there! (cue song)



  1. Hey, boo. If you don't have hangers yet I just bought white plastic ones for $1.42 for a pack of 10 at Target. :)

  2. Oh thanks boo :) I'm actually pretty good on hangers, though, but thanks! <3