Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year (and decade)!

Hello friends! I finally got the background color to the right shade, though I had to do it via html (yeah it's easy but I'm also quite lazy..) so hopefully now it's not so.. you know, visually annoying.

ANYWAY. I had a really fun night bringing in the new year with Katie and Ivy: we got dressed up and played with Ivy's new Wii, drank sparkling beverages (non-alcoholic, don't worry :) ), watched the Disney Channel and then later watched the ball drop (in both the ATL and NYC. Snazzy.) Hopefully you guys had a fun (and safe!) new year's eve! I don't know about y'all but it doesn't even seem like 2009 happened; it feels like I just floated through the whole year as if it were a dream or something. Weird. And isn't it weird that it's the end of the decade? I was 10 years old when we entered y2k, that is NUTS. I basically went through my teens in the first decade of the millennium though (millennia? millennium? It's 5am, I can't think haha) though so that's pretty cool, I guess haha. Hopefully this new year/decade will bring even cooler things, though :)

Also in one day, Passion 2010 commences! I'm really excited, even moreso since I didn't know I'd be going until a day or so ago :) REALLY excited for that!

And in CP news, I have exactly one month until my CP begins. That is surreal. I'm kind of getting scared, backing out wouldn't really surprise me. But I know it will be worth it all in the end, so I'll stick to it :) And I'll get to see my online CP friends soon! Exciting!

Until then, sorry my posts are so boring! Only a few more weeks for the adventure to begin :)

PS: This is my cat George. He's my baby :) I figure it might be good to have an idea of what he looks like since I'll likely be whining about how much I miss him haha. That is, if you are able to stick with me for that long hahah.


  1. What a cute kitty!

    Ps DONT back out of going to disney! We have too many goofy things to accomplish together!

  2. Thanks guys! :)

    And don't worry, Marina, I'm totally not going to back out hahah. & I know, I can't wait to do them all! :D