Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why yes, I am alive.

Dang yo I'm slacking on updating! It's worse because I'm not even doing anything that's preventing me from updating, but at the same time I don't want to bore you folks with nonsense.

My CP begins in almost a month, which is ridiculous. Good news is that I've finally gotten my bedding (and some towels) and even an alarm clock! Look at me go haha. It's taken me forever, but things finally look like they're coming together.. I'm really excited to be going but at the same time I'm going to miss my mom and my baby (my cat :) ) a LOT. My cat keeps hanging around me lately and I feel bad because he doesn't know why I'll be gone, and I'm hoping he won't shun me for being gone for six months.. (okay, it sounds way overdramatic, but I love my cat haha.) And I'm really really close to my mom so it's going to be weird not seeing her for so long. Yes, I'm a baby, but my mom and I live with just eachother and I don't want her to be lonely. Leave me alone, I just love my mommy. :)

ANYHOOZ. Other than that there's really nothing new to say. OH! I get to go to Passion 2010 because Katie and her family are awesome. :) So I'm REALLY excited about that! Woot woot!

ALSO I've noticed my blog is being jank and the background is white, as are visited links. I've been trying to fix it but Blogspot is being jank, so until then I'm sorry that you have to put up with my ghettofab blog!

Have a good day! Hopefully I'll talk to you guys more often :)

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  1. The jankiness of your blog is UNACCEPTABLE. /not even close to resembling an issue.

    It's New Year's Eve. You know what that means...

    Okay it only means grape juice and Disney Channel because we're 8 year olds.

    But DUDE. Ivy's bringing the Wii.