Monday, December 14, 2009

"This is the longest relationship I've ever had, beating my previous record of never."

- quote from True Jackson VP :)

So I've just been relaxing over the break, nothing really new to say. I invested in a ginormous Disney princess coloring book, so that's all fun; maybe future roomies will color with me.. or not. Either way, hahah. I've mostly been coloring, watching TV (mostly Nickelodeon.. gasp! I'm such a blasphemer haha) and sleeping. A sad existence, hahah. I'm hopefully going to one of my friend's Christmas parties, so I'll get to wear a tacky Christmas sweater, woot! (! I should go buy that today..)

But overall it's been really rainy and dark and cold so it's been nice to just sit inside with the Christmas lights on.. I'm thinking of rereading Jane Eyre, that book is the (seriously. If you haven't read it you're missing out.) I've also been wanting to play Harvest Moon really badly; I used to have it on GBA but I accidentally spilt milk over it (and I totally cried.) So anyway, now I don't have it and only sketchy people sell it on GBA. BLAH. Whatevs. Someday I'll get it. SOMEDAY (my priiiince will come).

Anyway, enough of this nonsense! I hope y'all are having a good break, and if you aren't on break yet, I hope you're having a good time nonetheless! I'm seriously amazed I even have one person following me, so thank you to all of you who are crazy enough to keep reading :) You guys seriously rock :)

Have a great day, guys! :) Talk to you next time!


  1. Megan: I know riiiight? Coloring is awesome haha.

    Katie: What kind of question is that? Pshduh!

  2. Wuthering Heights > Jane Eyre. But, yeah, Jane Eyre's not so bad. :)

    So do you call them crayons or crowns? lol

  3. GASP! You did not! I didn't like Wuthering Heights, though it may be due to the fact I was forced to read it.. that tends to make a difference haha.

    Hah! At first I had no idea what you were talking about haha. I callz 'em crayonz. :)

  4. I'm very jealous of all your coloring supplies and your coloring book.
    I only have a 24 crayon box and a Scooby Doo coloring book...which, lets face it, doesn't compare to Disney princesses. T.T
    Still...I shall go color now because that's what I felt like doing after reading your post. haha

  5. Aw Lyanne! There, there. :) Haha I wish you were coming to WDW this spring, we could have coloring parties! And whatev, Scooby Doo is still awesome, psshhh.
    I'm glad my post inspired you! That may be the only time anything from my blog inspires anyone, hahaha

  6. hahaha!! yes it did! I colored two pages and gave them to my friends who have chemistry finals. :P

    Are you doing spring advantage??
    Because if you are and I get accepted for FA, I'm totally in for the coloring parties! haha! :)

  7. Hahah awesome!!

    & Yes, I am doing SA! Let's hope you do FA because we NEED to have coloring parties! Seriously! hahah :)