Sunday, December 6, 2009

Heeeyy me..

So I'm at Barnes & Noble, trying to study. I swear I have ADD. I've to finish a paper and finish cramming for my history final tomorrow. I also need to get my psych exam finished. How do people do this? This is insane. I guess they start off by getting OFF the internet.. but I need the internet! Half the terms I've been assigned to define aren't in the book. Bleh.

I'm in a really pleasant area.. or, I was, anyway. It's not sunny anymore. But earlier I was stuck in the corner at a small table (well, I still am..), and the sun was shining and I was listening to Ray LaMontagne and drinking a dirty chai (I learned today that's what they call a chai latte with a shot of espresso.. never knew.) It was incredibly picturesque, which is kind of weird, but it was cool the way the light was coming into the room. Now it's kind of cold and the sun's behind the clouds. Ray is still serenading me though. (I'm beginning to say that instead of "I'm listening to ___". Like, no, I'm not listening to Nick Jonas. He's serenading me. Duh.)

I'm so hongray. I had turkey bacon today. I don't really consider it bacon, more like delicious fried turkey strips. Anyway, I only had a few and so I'm still hongray.

At church today El Pastoro dude was talking about Joseph (you know.. Jesus' dad. Not to be confused with Technicolor Raincoat Joseph) and how.. I don't remember. I lost my train of thought. But it ended with him saying how God is FOR you. He never said your life would be free from problems, but that it will be full of peace. I think it's awesome how God always manages to coincide with all the things going on in life. You know what I mean? Every time I go to worship, there's always a message that seems to conjunct with things going on in my life. And everyone's life. I just think it's awesome how they do that.

/ramble. Okay. I guess I should go finish studying or something. & good luck to those of you cramming and writing last-minute papers. I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

Song of the day? Yes please.
Empty . Ray LaMontagne


  1. I just sang Seleeeeeeeeeeena as Sabriiiiiiiiiina, but it wasn't the same without you.

  2. Awww. Does need to download that song haha. We need to have an epic celebration once our finals are done being all up in our grillz.

    An epic celebration in the form of seeing The Princess & The Frog the day it comes out.

  3. So my CP roommate does that all the time. Things like /nod and /grin.

    Is this a result of everquest? Or a wider internet phenomenon?

  4. I never saw your reply! Bahh, I need to get e-mail notifications or something..

    And I don't know, I've always used geek speak so I can't really speak for the rest of everybody hahah