Thursday, December 17, 2009

You can say what you want, but it's only getting better..

I GOT 3 As! AHH! I AM SO EXCITED! I, of course, got a C in math, BUT I passed! (a little upset about that because I had an 80 before the final, which means.. yeah. Oh well, I passed, I don't have to take it again unless I really want to.) It was mostly a really awesome moment because I'd been thinking all my grades had dipped well below As (I hadn't done almost ANY French homework because I ALWAYS forgot, and my psych exams nearing the end of the semester were not very good.) Anyway, I set iTunes to to "Sooner or Later" and covered up my grades with my hands and uncovered them one-by-one. (I am such a nerd like that..) ANYWAY the really awesome part was when I got up and screamed and did my lame "OH MY GOSH I GOT AN A IN MORE THAN ONE CLASS" dance and noticed that the time was 11:11. Hello, God? You rock. The end.

Anyway, you all must think I'm really dumb for getting so excited over a few As, but the thing is in high school I did rather well but I was one of those kids that never had to study for stuff. Well, it turns out college is a bit different (not too much, I did take AP courses but they were courses I was interested in) and it's just difficult to balance out four courses because I'm stupid like that and I'm not used to actually studying. Anyway, bottom line is last year I did really badly because near the end of the semester I was just like "bump it" and stopped going to math (so I got an F.. woo) and I didn't go to my Bio lab one day because I was lazy and stupid and that day just happened to be the day of our Lab Practical. Bottom line is, last year I got really shoddy grades because I'm a moron. So this year I was on financial aid probation (which required me to take out a loan. Sad face.) and if I got grades that were that bad again I would be in "trouble" or something.. so I was kind of stressed about that. Anyway, yeah. That leads onto another thing..

I took out a loan. Since I won't be in school again until August (I'm not getting any sort of credit from my school for the CP), I have six months to get money so I can pay it back while it has no interest accumulated. I was going to do the economic deferment thing but it turns out you actually have to have pay stubs and all that in order to do that, and since I don't start until February I'm kind of just like, you know what? I think I'll just work really hard and save up and pay as much off as I can. Once I'm back home in August, I'll just get a part time job while I'm in school and just pay it.. just pay what I can. That's really all I can do. Yes, it's going to suck but it could definitely be a lot worse. I owe $1750. I'm just kind of scared haha. Disney will be costing much, much more than I'll be receiving but.. I still think it will be worth it. You gotta live a little, right? I think so.

I also just asked out loud, unintentionally, if this was all a good thing, and "A Step In The Right Direction" started playing haha. I think so too, Angela Lansbury :)

SO! Yeah. Sorry, boring post, I just had to get some of that off of my chest :)

Oh, and two songs! (I forgot to put one up last time!)
Blame It On Me - Parachute
I got the title from this song :) I don't know, it just fits my mood right now haha

Sooner or Later - Michelle Branch
I LOVE her. She finally has a new single that's just her (and not The Wreckers.) It's still country but it's an AWESOME song. (That makes it sound like I don't like country; I fully love country, I just mean it's not her old pop stuff :) )


  1. Way to go, BBB.
    I just realized that boo boo bear is abbreviated the same as Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Excellent.

  2. I just laughed out loud at that.
    And at my captcha from my first comment (or fist comment) that said "angurs." It was almost as good as spape.