Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And if our God is with us, then who can stand against?

Oh my gosh, I feel like I've lived months since my last blog post hahah. Sorry I wasn't able to update, I was at Passion 2010 in Atlanta this past four days and have been wiped out.. I mean aside from the fact that I didn't take my computer, because I knew I'd be wiped out haha. Anyway, Passion was AMAZING. GOD is AMAZING. If you want to check out a main session from Passion just click HERE - but just know that they're only up 24 hours after being posted so you'll have to check them out soon :) But trust me, they are worth it. And I'll copy Katie, too: click HERE to check out what God did through Passion's 22,000 college students. Amazing.

When I got back, George was scared of me.. probably because I was screaming at him how much I missed him and he hadn't seen me in four days.. but it makes me sad, because if that happens after four days, what will happen after six to seven months? :( Oh well. He's fine now and made biscuits a few minutes ago, and is now curled up underneath my covers.

I have nothing new to really post except for Passion stuff and I already did that, for the most part.. my CP starts in 30 days, according to my ticker - all of which will be cherished before I leave because as I was gone I realized all the comforts at home that I don't appreciate nearly as much as I should. I've got it good here, but I know I'll have other good things in Orlando too :)

I hope you guys have had a great weekend. And I hope it's warm where you are because it was straight up 15ยบ the other evening. In Georgia. Madness. And to all my friends who have already gone down to Orlando and checked in, I wish you luck as you get your adventure going :) Peace & Love!


  1. I love how your and Katie's blog posts were almost IDENTICAL, word-for-word.

    Glad you two had fun!

    See you so soon!!!

    (YES, I appropriately posted almost identical comments on each of your blog posts :D)

  2. HAHA. That is really funny, I didn't really think about that! I mean I did for the title, partly because that song has been stuck in my head all weekend anyway, and partly because Katie did the first half of it so I finished it, but the rest is just weird hahah

    & I KNOW! You leave so soon, that's so awesome!! YAY.

  3. hey! just saw your comment on marina's blog.

    you will NEED your insurance/registration to have your name on it. everyone who had the insurance but it had their parents name on it was stopped. i would have your parents call whoever your provider is and ask if they could give you a document that said you were a insured driver on the car. i know where you are coming from, my car is in my name but when i am home on breaks i drive my parents car. im insured, but my name doesnt appear on theres; im an added part time driver. so make sure you do this (they will just ask you to fax something down later on, much more complicated)

  4. and i apologize for my grammar. i was typing quickly and just noticed a bunch on there, lol

  5. Oh okay, thanks Kristin, you seriously rock! I was really worried about this, so I really appreciate you clearing it up. Bahh.. it's really awesome to know about this ahead of time, instead of being surprised when I got down there. Thanks again :D